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  Refill System Troubleshooting Guide for EPSON Spongeless Cartridges

If you are having difficulty getting your spongeless cartridges to print, please refer to the following:   

1. Ensure that the air ventilation plugs are removed, refer to the installation instructions for further details.

2. Printer does not recognize or accept the cartridge:   Make sure that a good contact is made between the printer and the chip on the cartridge.  Make sure that the unrecognized cartridge is well plugged in.  You may need to remove it and put it back or wiggle it to ensure it is sitting well in the printer.  You may also clean the chip contacts with warm water if you suspect they may be dirty.

3. Nothing is printing out or a Color is missing on the Nozzle Check:  Make sure there is ink in the cartridge, the cartridge is not leaking and that the cartridge is well plugged in and sitting correctly in the printer.  Also make sure that the Tape or Vent Plug is removed from the air vents as described in the refilling instructions.  If the printer has not been operating for a while, a few Nozzle Checks/Cleaning Cycles may be required.

4. If the cleaning cycles do not help the printouts and nothing is coming out on a particular color, there may be a problem with the o-ring, refer to the following o-ring procedure to ensure that the o-ring is well adjusted.

5. If this still does not help, you may have a severely clogged print head,  please also wish to refer to our clogging troubleshoot procedure for additional assistance.

     6.  Contact us for any other further assistance, e-mail us


Click below for the latest revision of the Refill Instructions

YXD Instructions Rev 1  (New YXD Models)

Instructions Rev 3  (Regular Models)

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EPSON Refilling System


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